How To Locate Wholesale Products to Sell on eBay

Many people are trying to test the waters in eCommerce. When you sell online though, it is not simply getting rid of your previously loved items after raiding your closet, your basement or your attic, which is most often just a one-time gig. When you sell online, especially when you register to the worldwide popular auction and shopping website, eBay, you might want to consider getting into online selling for keeps. Now how do you actually find the products to sell on your eBay account? In this article, we will try and discuss points that you will have to consider to locate wholesale products to sell on eBay.

The first thing you have to consider would be the product. What specific product will you be selling in eBay? Think of a product that will click with the buyers. Now once you have decided what product to sell, you are off to find a wholesaler to supply you with the product. You can go on the Internet and search online for wholesalers. You can also go on foot, or make a few phone calls to manufacturers to ask them for a list of their authorized distributors. Another method is by going to wholesale trade shows where all the wholesalers converge. Whatever method you choose, what you want is to prevent being victimized by pretentious wholesalers. Ask questions, especially if you have friends and relatives that can recommend a reputable wholesaler. Also, research on the wholesaler's background and see if they have a Website that you can check out to know their policies. Try finding reviews about the wholesaler.

Next you have to consider is the quantity of the product you will get from the wholesaler. If you are trying out a new product, deal with light bulk wholesalers who will sell items below $500. To get bigger discounts on the products, then seek out large volume wholesalers, but transact with them and purchase their items in big bulk as long as you are already sure that there will be a market for that product. Another option is what we call drop-shipping, wherein you will be advertising the product in eBay, and once you get a sure buyer, you will then contact your supplier and they will be the one sending the product to your client, and it will still be under your name.

Equipped with these tips, you are now ready to start your own internet business. Just set up an eBay account, and once you have found the right product and a reputable wholesaler, then you are on your way to earning extra bucks to your bank account.


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