How To Locate Your Downloaded (Lost) Files

"Where did my file go?  What happened to that file I downloaded?  I can't find my files now!  I would send you the file, but I lost it and I don't know how to find it."

Sound familiar?  It happens all the time.  I'll ask someone to send me a file and they are clueless as to what happened to it. That's because their browser is set up to automatically download files into a certain folder on their computer.  Been there, done that!

You'll need to check to see if your browser is set up to automatically save downloaded files into a certain folder you're not aware of.  Follow the steps below for either Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Mozilla Firefox:

STEP  1.

  • Left-click (or right-click if using left-handed mouse) "Tools" at top of browser.

STEP  2.

  • Choose "Options" from the list.

STEP  3.

  • Click on "Main" at top of box (see Photo "A").

STEP  4.

  • If there is a green dot next to "Save Files To..." showing a path with a folder name to the right (see Photo "A"), then that's where your downloaded files are being automatically saved.
  • If you are satisfied with that folder, then write down the entire path and folder name somewhere so you'll remember for later.  Otherwise, continue to STEP 5.

STEP  5:

  • To change the settings, click in the circle next to "Always ask me where to save files" so it's got a green dot in it (see Photo "B").  Click the OK button.  You're done.

The next time you go to download a file, a box will pop up asking you where to save it. Then you can choose where you want it to be saved.  Just jot down the path & folder if you can't remember easily.


Internet Explorer:

Note: If your browser doesn't show the menu at the top, right-click (or left-click for a left-handed mouse) in the gray area and choose "Menu Bar".  That will bring the menu bar back up.

STEP  1.

  • Left-click (if using left-handed mouse, right-click) "Tools" at top of browser.

STEP  2.

  • Choose "Internet Options" from list.

STEP  3.

  • Click on "Security" tab at top of box (see Photo "C" below).

STEP  4.

  • Click the "Custom level..." button (see Photo "C" below).

STEP  5.

  • Another box will appear (see Photo "D" below).
  • Scroll down until you see "Downloads" (see Photo "D").

STEP  6.

  • Under "Automatic prompting for file downloads", click on "enable" so a dot is in the circle next to it (see Photo "D" below).

STEP  7.

  • Click the "OK" button.

STEP  8.

  • If another small box appears and asks "Are you sure you want to change the settings for this zone?", click the "yes" button.  That box should disappear and you'll be back in the "Internet Options" box.

STEP  9.

  • Back in the "Internet Options", click the "OK" button at the bottom.
  • You're done.


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