How To Log into Your Sprint Account

Sprint provides a whole host of services for its clients. These services can be better accessed if one has an online account set up with Sprint. This article will discuss how it is to set up and log into your Sprint account to take advantages of the many perks Sprint offers.

  1. Know the various benefits of setting up an online account with Sprint. Sprint clients can get various benefits from setting up an online account. The first and very notable of these would be the convenience of being able to check billing statements at any time. In this day and age of too many subscriptions for various services, being able to track one’s wireless or wireline usage and its corresponding fees is important for proper management of finances. Another advantage of having an online account with Sprint would be having a gateway to the many applications and features that can help further enhance your subscription. The Sprint Web site provides a whole library of digital media to personalize your ring tones or screensavers to do up your phone. Applications such as the GPS helps ease your mind as you get to keep track of your loved ones’ locations at any time of the day.
  2. Go to the official Web site of Sprint. Open your choice of Web browser and type in into the provided address bar. Hit Enter on your computer keyboard for the Sprint homepage to be opened.
  3. Register with Sprint if you do not have an online account yet. On the homepage, navigate your mouse cursor to the right hand portion of the screen and click on the Need to register for access? link. You will be directed to the Register for My Sprint page. Enter your complete name into the supplied fields. Afterwards, key in your desired Sprint Username and Password. Key in your Email address and Phone number as well and then click on Continue. Finally, key in your 6-to-10 digit PIN combination.
  4. Finally log into your Sprint account. Again, access the Sprint homepage at Navigate to the right hand portion of the homepage and click on the empty text field underneath the item Username. Simply key in your Sprint username and hit on Tab on your keyboard. The cursor will now rest in the Password field. Type in your password and finally click on the yellow Go button to log into your Sprint account.

Now that you have set up and logged into your Sprint account, all you need to do is to discover the many bonuses offered to valued clients by browsing through Sprint’s dynamic Web site!


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