How To Log Off a Computer

A number of different user accounts can be created on any computer running on the Windows operating system. It has since been an added feature to allow management of computer data files and programs without having other people who use the same computer unit access them. Closing or logging off from your own user account is important if you want to make sure that no one else accesses the data or program files that you keep. Detailed in this article are the steps that you need to perform to log off from a computer that runs on the Windows XP Professional Edition platform.

  1. Close off any open or running programs first. Of course, you will need to close all of the programs that you are using on the computer. To do so, simply click on the red X button found on the top right hand portion of the program's user interface window. Needless to say, you will need to save all of your data before you close the program to avoid losing any of your important files in the process.
  2. Click on the Start button. Once all programs are closed, the next thing that needs to be done would be to look for the Log Off command on your computer. This can be found on the menu that appears when you click on the green Start button. Now, the green Start button can be found at the bottom left portion of your screen. Click on it just once for a pop up menu to show up.
  3. Click on the Log Off button found on the Start menu. On the menu that pos up, look for the Log Off command. The Log Off command should be found at the bottom of the menu and has an orange colored key for an icon. When you do so, the Log Off Windows box appears. There will be two choices to choose from, the Switch User and Log Off commands. When you click on the Switch User option, it will present the various user accounts available and clicking on one immediately leads you to the selected user account profile. The Log Off button, on the other hand, will allow you to completely sign off from your user account.
  4. Opt to log off a computer from the Task Manager. Another option would be to log off a computer from the Task Manager. To do so, press the buttons Ctrl, Alt and Delete successively for the Windows Task Manager window to pop up. Click on the Users tab and you will see there the currently active user account. Click on your user account profile to highlight it. Once done, select the Logoff button by clicking on it once.

Logging off a computer is particularly essential in a work place that observes multiple work schedules or households with only one computer unit.


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