How To Look for Endangered Animals Pictures

Every year, the list of endangered flora and fauna increases. The total extinction of a species is such a sad event in Mother Nature. Unfortunately one of the major culprits is the impact of human population on planet Earth. As humans claim more and more lands for rural and urban development, more animals are robbed of their habitat. Numbers of endangered animals continue to rise due to predation activities of both humans and animals. Each country has a list and animals pictures of these magnificent endangered species. Maybe it is time to take a look at these photographs before their subjects become extinct.

The Web gives you a wealth of resources regarding the dwindling number of threatened species. You can find the names, facts pictures and even cartoons and comic books on these creatures. There are mammals, amphibians, insects, reptiles, fish and bird pictures in their natural habitat. Whether in the wild, the rainforest or in the oceans, many animals' photographs are online. Below are some of the sites you may want to visit:

  1. World Wildlife Fund for Nature - The WWF, a non-governmental entity, is spearheading the global campaign in conducting research, conservation and restoration of the environment. When you visit this site, you can choose your country's WWF Web site or go to the international site. Either way, there are loads of information and endangered pictures to view.
  2. National Geographic - This is one of the best Web sites to find photographs of endangered species. When you navigate through this information packed Web site, you can find a host of useful facts, figures as well as data about pictures of the threatened species. The pictures are definitely high quality and stunning. You can even join their yearly photography contest or simply share your own pictures.
  3. Animal Planet - Simply all things animal! They have an endangered species guide with all the data and pictures for you.
  4. International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources - The IUCN tracks the various endangered flora and fauna through its IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Here you can find the names of the species, their conservation status as well as their distribution information. Their photo gallery is grouped by year starting from 2000.
  5. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Endangered Species Program - The mission of the U.S. FWS is to conserve, protect and enhance the lives and habitats of animals and plants in the United States. Apart from the Endangered Species site with all the data and photos of endangered American flora and fauna, they also have the U.S. FWS's National Digital Library. This is a free, searchable collection of photos, historical artifacts, audio and video clips, as well as publications.
  6. Endangered Species International - This conservation group's Web site features up-to-date news and information on the battle against species extinction and endangerment. ESI has various projects all over the world aimed at halting man's continued exploitation of the different animal habitats. It has a section on the latest photos straight from the field.
  7. Cartoonist Group - If you are looking for something funny, the Cartoonist Group has Endangered Species Cartoons and Comics on their site.

There are many other sources of endangered plant and animal pictures on the Web. Due to human-related activities, a lot of the once vibrant ecosystems are now in peril. Animals and plants are threatened each year. The younger and future generations are being robbed of various species of animals and plants. Visit sites featuring endangered pictures of wildlife now. Maybe you can find ways to help reverse their plight.


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