How To Make a 3D Animated Character

If you’ve often wondered how 3D animation is made for movies, then you’ll be happy to find out that there are computer programs you can use to make your own 3D animated character. For this project you need to use the Poser Pro software to help you create a 3D animated character and use the program’s tools to make it move.

1. Download software.

Download the Poser Pro software and install it on your computer. Go to the DAZ 3D homepage and download 3D figures, clothing, hair or models then install it. You can choose the V4 basic figure, textures, and morphs to download. Locate the bundle pack that will provide you with everything you need to transform your character. Install the downloaded files from DAZ 3D to the Poser directory and then launch the Poser program.

2. Transform character.

Change the default character on the program’s interface to the V4 figure you downloaded. Go to the right most part of the interface which is the program’s library to locate and select the V4 figure. Select the icon at the bottom to apply the change. Now we’ll pick pieces of clothing for your character. Go to the program library again and select a pair of pants or shorts for your character. Select the double arrow at the bottom to bring the pair pants on to the stage. Select Figure from the menu at the top and then select Conform To which adds the pair pants to the character. Pick other pieces of clothing and follow the same procedure to add the items on your character.  You can pick different positions for your character from the pose library. Select a pose from the list and double click it to transform your character. You can add more changes to your character like skin textures and hair styles from the program’s library.

3. Animate character.

We will know animate the character you created by using the Auto keyframing function. When you turn on the Auto keyframing function you will notice a timeline at the bottom of the program’s interface. You will use this to make the different actions for the character. Visualize and plan how you want your character to move on the screen. You can make your character dance, walk or run.

Now at the beginning of the timeline, move parts of his body to pose in a certain way by using the dials on the right. For example if you want your character to walk to the middle of the screen from the left most side, you have to position the character there. Now move forward on the timeline and move the character to the middle of the screen. Next, move forward on the timeline again and make your character raise his arms. Move forward again for the last action which is to place your character at the right side of the screen. Configure the render settings for the movement and then play the animation. You will see your character go from the left side of the screen to the middle where he raises his arms then go to the right most of the screen.

Using the preset add-ons to the character makes it easy for you to create the type of character you want and the program’s ability to create movement gives you an insight on how 3D animation movies are made.


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