How To Make a Blog in 5 Minutes or Less

So you’ve decided that it is high time people on the World Wide Web know what your views on things are. And you deem that a blog would be the best venue for expressing these views. However, you do not know how to start one from scratch. If so, then follow the tips in this article to make a blog in 5 minutes or less, and be on your way to a whole new world Internet freaks call the blogosphere.

  1. Think about who you want as readers. Blogging is accessed by so many Internet users who search for useful and pertinent information. And if you are an expert on something, then chances are you will have so many things to write about. Are you nuts over computer games? Then why not launch your very own blog that discusses anything and everything about the latest out there. Deciding on a niche is important especially in the start so as to provide you with direction in your newest chosen career of blogging.
  2. Try out free blogging platforms to familiarize yourself with the media. The two most popular blogging platforms right now are WordPress and Blogger. Both offer free sign ups and have proven to be popular among novice bloggers. Aside from the fact that there are so many ready-made templates to choose from, beginners do not feel at all pressured since they know they would not have to shelve out anything for setting up their blogs. Having a free account with either of these blogging platforms is also beneficial in that one gets to practice and learn his way around the various tools and programs that long-time bloggers typically employ. The downside to having a free-hosted blog account is the control being enforced, not only on the content, but on the online advertisements as well. Bear in mind that free blogging platforms will not allow you to get your own online advertisements so trying to make money from blogging would be impossible.
  3. Opt to get your own hosted blog site. Having your very own blog site not only gives you the liberty to upload any content without fear of censorship, but also gives you the freedom to get as many online advertisements you want. Of course, having your very own blog site means spending some in the process. But if you know how to market and make your blog popular, then all the expenses should be well worth it.

While one need not be a totally techie person to start up a blog, computer savvy is required to manage and maintain it. Learning some technical stuff such as linking to popular Web sites to promote traffic for your blog should be one of your next goals if you want your blog to be the next buzz on the online world.


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