How To Make a Caricature in Photoshop

Caricatures are fun and they are an artistic way to exaggerate ones look. They are usually seen on newspaper editorials or comics.

A good artist can draw a caricature pretty fast. But one does not need to be a professional artist to do so. You can make a caricature of friends, have them framed and give them as a present for special occasions. This is an easy project to do and it would not need to cost you anything.

Read the tips below to help you in making a caricature using Adobe Photoshop.

  • Materials you will need:
      • Desktop computer or laptop
      • Adobe Photoshop software application
      • A picture of the person you will make a caricature of as reference

  • Know the basics. Regardless if you are making a caricature by hand or digitally, you need to be equipped with basic drawing skills. Practice on paper or on a blank page in Photoshop. Draw the person in a cartoon manner without changing any aspect of their looks just yet.
  • Decide which part of the subject’s body or face you want to highlight. An observant eye and imagination is needed for this step. Know which feature of the subject can be best exaggerated, amplify, or even repeat to show emphasis. As you cannot highlight all the body parts, learn which parts you can simplify as well. Look at the photo of the person closely to know which to best highlight. Maybe the person has pointy noise or pouty lips that you can draw bigger in your caricature.
  • Know the subject’s personality. A caricature can be drawn accurately and the emphasis on certain parts may be nicely done, but if you feel that there is something missing, think about the subject’s personality. In making a caricature, it is best not to just exaggerate their look but to exaggerate their personalities as well. For instance, if the subject likes the color red and has several pet dogs dress the drawing red head-to-foot and add dozens of dogs around the image. This adds spice to your image and the subject will appreciate the caricature more.
  • Get started. Open the Photoshop application from your computer. Click on the “File” command, and then “Open”. Locate the image of the subject you want to make a caricature of.
  • Turn the picture to caricature. On your keyboard, press Shift, CTRL, and X. This is the liquefy filter command. If you want to exaggerate the subject’s round nose, click the “Bloat” tool and click and drag on the nose area. Now, to lengthen an area of the subject’s body, say the chin, we will use the “Forward Warp” tool. Click and drag on the area you want to lengthen. You can opt to stretch the entire face if you want.
  • Apply finishing touches. Alter the color of the image by adjusting the brightness and contrast. This will give a more cartoon feel for the whole image. Save your caricature.

You can send this caricature online by attaching it via email or print it on photo paper. Place the printed copy on a nice frame and it is ready to be given as a special and personalized gift to your subject.


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