How To Make a Cat 5 Pass-Through

Many people enjoy setting up their own home network.  One of the first things needed is a Cat 5 pass-through. This article will explain how to do this on your own.

Category 5 cable is a type of cable that is used for high signals and to block out excessive noise.  Cat 5 is used for computer networks such as an Ethernet network.

  1. The first thing you will need to do is buy a crimping tool.  You can purchase these at hardware stores.  Try and find a crimping tool that will crimp plugs that have four and eight connector points.
  2. Next you will need to purchase your cable.  Cat 5 cabling supports high data rates up to 100 megabits per second.  It is commonly used on home hubs, switching networks and home computers. You can purchase cat 5 cabling in a spool so you will not need to worry about not having enough wiring.
  3. Buy some plug connectors.  They are often called RJ-45 connectors but now they are sold as a plug connector that has eight pins so it is commonly called an 8P8C connector.  You can buy them in a pack and they are very inexpensive.  It’s a good idea to buy two packages in case you mess up and have to start over. You may want to do a test run first and cut some cable off and try to learn how to crimp the cable.  This will save a lot of frustration as well.
  4. You will want to trim a little bit more than is needed if you are going to be stretching it throughout your office or house.  Take some wire cutters and trim off the end.  Pinch it cleanly so there is a clean, sharp cut.  This will expose the individual strands of 8 wires.  The wire will have a jacket of insulation that you will need to cut away carefully to get the pairs of wires clean.  Separate the eight wires into this order from left to right: orange stripe, orange, green stripe, blue, blue stripe, green, brown stripe, brown.  This is the T568B standard termination.
  5. Now you will add a plug.  The 8P8C plug connector has small openings for the wires to fit into.  Put the plug and the cable into the crimping tool and clamp it off.  Do the same procedure for the end of the cat 5 cable and you will have made your first Cat 5 pass-through.


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