How To Make a CD Sticker & Label

Do you remember back in the day when the audio cassette tape was the medium used?  It actually succeeded the vinyl record. At that point, no one thought that the compact disc or CD would soon arrive and make the cassette tape obsolete. Today, with CDs so cheap and CD writers, a simple hardware on your computer, many people burn them by the dozen on a daily basis. With so much burning going on, it can be quite tough to keep track of the discs you churn out. Yes, you can probably label them using a felt tip pen but that would probably be somewhat boring, right?  Well, did you know how easy it is to create a sticker label for your CD?  Yes, it is easy as one, two, three. Here are the steps how.

  • Choosing the stickers. The sticker labels for CDs are pretty easy to find nowadays since many people and organizations need it to label what they burn. Hence, you can find all you need and want at your local office supply shop. You can find them in a variety of colors. Some even come with a premade design. In any case, purchase a whole box. Make sure to pick out one that can be printed on with a normal inkjet printer. Also, make sure to check if the blank CDs you use to burn can actually accommodate CD stickers. Some don’t, by the way.
  • Finding a template. While you can probably create your own CD label template yourself using Adobe Photoshop, MS Word, and MS Publisher, it will be a hell of a lot easier to simply find an existing template and edit it to your liking. This way, you no longer have to bother about resizing the document to fit the CDs dimension. There are literally thousands of existing templates you can download online. However, the easiest will come from MS Office, particularly MS Word. That said visit the MS Office Online site and search for a CD label template. If you are already using MS Word 2007, know that you can access the site through it already. Once you find a template that you like, download and open it up.
  • Editing the template. As soon as you open up the template you just downloaded off the Internet, you can start editing. Technically, there will be templates available for both MS Word and Publisher. Assuming that you went with MS Word, open up the template and replace the text with whatever you want for the label. There will be existing boxes that you can just edit. Or, you can add more boxes should you feel the label warrants additional texts. If the background color of the template does not suit you, the change this as well. If there are existing images on the template, delete this and replace it with one that you like. You can even place a picture of yourself or the person you are giving the CD to provided that you have a digital copy stored in your computer.

Once you are done editing, insert the sticker into the printer tray and start printing. Again, follow the instructions that came with the box of stickers to ensure you print it out the right way. After printing, allow the ink to dry for a couple of minutes before you stamp the sticker onto the CD.


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