How To Make a Certificate Using Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is a great program to use for creating certificates. You can create any type of certificate you want. This guide will show you step by step, how to use Microsoft Publisher to create certificates.

  1. Open Your Microsoft Publisher Program. You will first need to open your program and let it fully load. Once the program has loaded, you will need to look for the New Publication panel. In the New Publication panel, you will see the Publications for Print link. Click that link to get started.
  2. Select Your Certificate Design. Your next step is to select your certificate design. To do this, you will need to click Award Certificates located in the New Publication panel. When you clicked the New Publication link, the menu should have expanded and you will see the Award Certificates option. Once you click that option, you will see the designs in the window on the right. Browse through the different designs to find the one you want to use. Once you find the design you want to use, click it. That will then open the certificate so that you can edit it.
  3. Edit Your Color Scheme for Your Certificate. The color scheme panel will need to be opened before making those changes. Go to the top of your program and click Format > Color Scheme. The color scheme panel will then open on the left side of your program. Look through the schemes and select the scheme you want to use by clicking it. The new color scheme will then be applied.
  4. Change the Text on the Certificate. You can click any of the text fields on the certificate and delete the text that is in the field. Then type what you want in the field. Every text field on the certificate can be edited.
  5. Insert Images into Your Certificate. Click Insert > Image to open the clipart panel. From there you can browse through the different clipart. When you are ready to insert one, click it. The clipart will be placed in the middle of your certificate. You will then need to click the clipart to select it and drag the clipart to where you want it.
  6. Save and Print Your Certificate. Your last step is to save and print the certificate. Click File > Save As and give your certificate a name. Then click Save. Click File > Print and print your certificate.


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