How To Make a Color Photo Look Like Watercolor

With the introduction of computer technology, color photos can now be manipulated to look like many things. We can for instance, make a color photo look like an oil painting, or even a watercolor painting. It is a fairly simple process, and you can manipulate the photo in many ways. In this tutorial we will show you how to make your photo look like a watercolor painting.

You will need a computer, and a graphics program to achieve this effect. The graphics program should be something like Adobe Photoshop, or a related program. There is even a free version called Gimp that will give you this effect.

The first thing you will want to do is get the photo onto your computer. You can use a digital photo, or scan an existing photo you have. Then open that photo in your graphics program. If you want to print the photo afterwards it’s best to have a CMYK color format. Before you start applying a watercolor filter to your photo, you first want to perform a standard color correction, so that the photo has the best contrast and color balance. To do this you want to go to 'Image' then 'Adjustments' then 'Levels' and click 'Auto' and then 'OK'. Once you do this, lighting problems and color balance will be corrected in the best possible way.

Once you have finished doing this, you will want to create a duplicate layer. You can do this by going to the selection that says 'Layer' then 'new'. Now go back to your photo, and take the rectangular marquee tool, select all of the photo and copy it by going to 'Edit' and then 'Copy'. Go back to your new layer that you will see in the layers panel to the right, and paste the photo in the new layer.

To add the watercolor filter, go to 'Filter' then 'Artistic' then 'Watercolor'. When you do this, you will see a preview of the filtered photograph, and you can change the level of the watercolor effect by clicking on the + or - boxes. Experiment with brush detail, texture, and shadow intensity, by sliding the scale found in the dialog box. When the photo is the way you like it, then click OK. Save your filtered photo, and you are ready to print it. You can also try different types of Artistic filters to give your photos other effects. 


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