How To Make a Cookbook Using MS Word

Printing recipes

Making your own cookbooks is a great way to organize your favorite recipes and share them with friends or family members. A computerized cookbook is easily updated and can be formatted in a professional and classy way. A printed cookbook of family recipes makes a great gift. Here's how to make a cookbook using MS Word:

  1. Gather your recipes. Gather your recipes in whatever format they are currently in, whether you have handwritten notes or a computerized version. Depending on your purposes, your recipes might come from your own collection, from family and friends, or from your favorite cookbooks or magazines. Cookbooks made using MS Word can be kept in your kitchen, given as gifts, or sold as fundraisers.
  2. Transfer the recipes to MS Word format. If some or all of the recipes are not yet computerized, you'll need to open MS Word on your computer and type them in. To easily assemble your cookbook, save all of the recipes in the same file, rather than each recipe in its own file. Some versions of MS Word have a 'cookbook' template. To get to this template, click “File – New,” and then select Cookbook from the template list. This is optional, but provides an easy way to format your recipe book. Otherwise, you can simply type each recipe on its own page. Don't forget to include the title, ingredients, and step-by-step instructions.
  3. Add details. The MS Word cookbook template provides optional places for a title, introduction, category or chapter separations, and an index. If you're not using the template, you can still add them in the appropriate places within your MS Word document. Don't forget about a title page to act as a cover for your cookbook. You can also think about adding details such as clip art images or photos of your cooking for a uniquely personalized book.
  4. Print your cookbook. If you prefer to cook using a hard copy rather than the computerized version of your cookbook, or plan to give the cookbook as a gift, you may want to print it out. This can be done on your own printer, or if you don't have one, many office stores can print it for you. Be sure to set the printer to 'color' rather than 'grayscale' if you have used color photos, text, or decorations. Staple the cookbook or punch holes along the edge to place the cookbook in a binder.

Making a cookbook using MS Word is easy even if you're not accustomed to creating digital documents. Simply enter your recipes into the MS Word program, and format them however you like. Add photos of your delicious creations, and then print it out to share your cookbook with friends and family.


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