How To Make a DVD Menu Text Button

Using Adobe Encore

One of the commonly used DVD authoring programs used by video producers is Adobe Encore. You can change video and audio formats using this software and create menus within the video. Adobe Encore’s interface is easy to understand and use. The tools you need to format and create menus are displayed on your screen. You won’t have trouble finding the right type of tool to use as they are presented in separate windows or palettes on your screen. Menu editor will give you the tools to you need to create a professional looking menu on your video. You can use text and graphics and turn them into buttons that will be linked to certain functions on your video. To make ordinary text into a menu button using Adobe Encore, follow the steps below to guide you in this project.

  1. Main menu. When you have finished editing your video then you need to create an on screen menu for the video. The main menu can be created with Adobe Encore to serve as the navigation system for links and functions within your video. Selecting the text will bring you to either a sub menu, a certain chapter in the video, or it can configure settings. Links can be placed on the text menu button that will serve as the navigation link. In Adobe Encore you can select one of the preset menus available in the menu library or create one from scratch with a blank menu. Go to the library tab and select one of the available blank menus and then select the new menu icon at the bottom of the library window. If you want a custom image for your background, import the image into the Project Clips folder and then drag it onto the blank menu. Align the image so it will cover the blank area.
  2. Create text. To create text on the menu you need to use the text tool. First select the title safe area icon on the bottom of the screen. The icon will look like a box within another box. Once the icon is selected you will see the boundaries on the menu. Select either the horizontal text or vertical text button on the text tool. Type the text directly on the menu and then use the F6 button or the “Character” option under the Window tab on the toolbar. Make the changes to your text such as font size, color, and font family.
  3. Convert text into buttons. The texts you just created on your menu are now objects and you can convert these into buttons. Select the text and then go to the top toolbar and select the Object menu. From the dropdown menu select the “Convert to Button” option which will easily turn your text into a button. 
  4. Link the button to a chapter. Now the button can be linked to a chapter in the video by going to the Timelines tab and selecting one of the chapters and dragging it in directly onto the button.

Normally, texts are turned into menu buttons because the text describes the function and it is much simpler to use it as a button rather than create a separate button.


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