How To Make a Fake Tattoo in Photoshop

In this day and age, altering photos is a must for most professional magazine industries in the world. It is because they believe that photographs on their own, even at their best with the right lighting, environment and model, is still not good enough, which is where Photoshop comes in. There are many programs out there that can edit and alter images, but none as efficient and effective as Adobe Photoshop. But aside from digitally retouching models to make them look lighter and more beautiful, Photoshop can also be used at home—whether it is for fun or you simply want to make yourself look better in a particular photo. Whatever the reason, editing a photo through the use of Photoshop can be quite easy, so long as you are aware of how exactly it works. Otherwise, it is a nightmare for most people who do not know how to use the handy program. If you are one of those people who could use some help in altering photos with Photoshop, then you are in luck. This article provides one of the ways you can use to edit a photo, which is to add a fake tattoo using Photoshop. It may seem impossible, but these days (at least when it comes to photography), nothing is impossible. You just need to have the patience to see it through, and the knowledge to make it effectively, which is what this article gives you in the form of this step-by-step guide:

  • Make sure you have everything you will need. This includes the Photoshop program (properly installed), the image you wish to edit, and a photo of the tattoo you wish to use. With all this in hand, you may continue.
  • Ready the photograph for editing and draw up your tattoo. So that you do not ruin the original image you have, make another copy of the photo you want to edit before trying anything. Once you are done, create an entirely new canvas to work on (‘File’, and then ‘New’), and draw your tattoo there with the image of the tattoo as your guide (as a new layer, and not ‘Background’). Make use of whatever feature you like, and make it look as close as the tattoo you want to use as possible. Keep everything nice and smooth.
  • Copy and paste the tattoo onto the photo you wish to edit, and resize. Once you are finished with the tattoo, copy the whole image (making sure you are still on the layer where you drew the tattoo). Afterwards, go back to the photo you wish to alter, and paste your tattoo there—it does not matter if it is not the right size, you can resize it and keep working on it so that it will eventually look like it truly is a part of the picture. Photoshop makes this easier by automatically adding a new layer whenever you copy and paste something, which makes editing the tattoo without ruining the photo itself possible.

And there you have it, a brand new tattoo on your photo without all the pain that comes with the inking process. You can also use this as a semi-guide for other projects as well, as the concept remains the same.


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