How To Make a Flowchart in Word 2003

A flowchart is a good visual aid to depict instructions or other information that needs to be in chronological order. Read to learn how you can make a flowchart using Microsoft Word 2003.

  1. Load your Microsoft Word 2003 document. If you have an existing document where you want to add a flowchart, or if it will be a new document, just load it on your computer.
  2. Locate the Drawing toolbar on the document. If you do not see the Drawing toolbar, go to View from the menu bar, select Toolbars and choose Drawing from the dropdown. The Drawing toolbar will then turn up on the screen.
  3. Find AutoShapes from the Drawing toolbar and click on its dropdown arrow. From the Drawing toolbar, click on AutoShapes and a dropdown will appear. Select Flowchart and choose from the flowchart styles available. After choosing a flowchart style, a Drawing Canvass will appear and that is where you will drag your mouse pointer to create the flowchart. Once the flowchart appears on the Drawing Canvass, you can change it to its desired size by dragging on the sizing handles beside the flowchart. To add content to the flowchart, right click on the image and select Add Text. You can change the style, size, color and alignment of the font from the Formatting toolbar. You can also change the line style and color by right-clicking on the flowchart and selecting Format AutoShape.
  4. Create all the other shapes you would need to complete your flowchart. Follow the procedure mentioned in Step 3 to complete all the shapes for your flowchart. Do not forget to add the text, edit the color, size and shape of the font and the line style of the shape.
  5. Connect all the shapes in your flowchart. Once you are done completing the shapes and adding the necessary text for your flowchart, all you need is to connect them in chronological order. From the Drawing toolbar again, select AutoShapes and choose Connectors. Select from the different connector styles available and drag the mouse pointer on the Drawing Canvass again to connect one shape to another. You can also change the connector’s color and style by right-clicking on the connector and choosing Format AutoShape. Select the color and style you desire, and you can also change the design of the arrow head. Repeat this when adding and customizing the connectors for the other shapes in your flowchart.

A flowchart will definitely help in understanding how a certain process works. Now that you know how to make a flowchart, you can now make a much better report for school or for work.


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