How To Make a Flyer on Mac

It is easy to design a flyer on the Mac provided that you have a layout program installed on the Mac. Before designing the flyer you must have a clear objective on what you want to achieve so you can create an effective flyer.

  1. Gather resources. To make an effective flyer on the Mac you need to use a page layout application. One may already be installed on your Mac such as the iWork Pages application. If you want to use other software you can purchase one and install it on your Mac. Plan the resources you need for the flyer such as pictures, logos and text. Get all the information you need that has to be included on the flyer, which will provide details for the event or product. Double check contact information like telephone numbers, email addresses, names of the people to get in touch with and the date and time if it is required. Having all the resources ready will save you from having to look for material to put on the flyer and having to redo portions if you find out the information you added contain errors.
  2. Design the flyer. If you have iWork Pages installed on your Mac, launch the application and then choose a blank document. You can also use the templates that are predesigned so you can just drag pictures and paste text into the available fields. Save the document before doing any work, the program may have an auto save function to save your progress so you won’t lose your data if something should go wrong.

Designing a flyer in Pages is easy and there are tools to help you with laying out the content on the document. Select the Text Box button at the top of the screen to create text boxes on your flyer. Put a large font headline at the top of the document and choose a font color. Your headline should be interesting so think of a catchy phrase that would gain people’s attention. You can use a call to action phrase like “Buy Now” or “Order Now." The information you provide on the flyer must be short, concise and most of all easy to read. Do not use more than two types of font and the type of font you use must be easy to read. Place the images on the document using the Insert button at the top of the screen. Place the images where it won’t collide with the text, leave spaces around the picture. If you are selling a product, make the picture big and clear enough so people can see exactly what you are selling. Try to use just a few large images and avoid putting on a small picture that won’t be as visible.

Review the flyer and make a test print. If you are happy with the flyer’s design you can now print the flyer on your printer or send it off to the printers to make volumes of copies.


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