How To Make a Flyer with Print Master Software

Is it you’re first time to create a flyer on Print Master? For first time users the prospect of creating and printing a flyer may be intimidating. However, it does not need to be. In fact the whole process is rather simplistic.  Here a few tips that will help you create and print that professional looking flyer on Printmaster.

The first thing you will need to do is select the type flyer that you wish to create. You will be given a few options: personalize a ready-made project or create a brand new project.

Personalizing a ready-made project is the easiest to use.  Choose the type of project by selecting from the drop down menu and select the style you like.  Simply double click any text to change it.  When you are satisfied, print your project.

If you make a flyer from a blank page, you will need to decide how many pictures, text boxes or headlines you wish to have on your flyer. Remember, an overcrowded flyer looks gaudy. Pick a central theme or color and stick with it.

Next choose your page orientation, portrait or landscape.  It is wise to begin by inserting your headline. Click on the add text; then insert headline.  You will be given choice of fonts, colors, and styles of headlines.

It is easiest to next add any smaller text boxes. This is the same button that creates your headlines.  You can change the size of you text box by clicking&dragging.  Double click on the box to add your content.

Now add your pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words. Click on the insert picture button found on the toolbar.  You may add your own photo or choose from a clip art section. In the clip art section you will find a number of categories to choose from. Do not be too specific in your graphics search.  For example if you are looking for a German Shepherd you have a better chance of finding it by typing simply the word dog.

Next you may desire to choose a border around your flyer. If so, then choose borders, which are also found under the insert picture toolbar.

To print your Printmaster flyer select either the print option under file or the icon on the toolbar which looks like a printer. Follow your specific instructions of your local printer. You also have the option of emailing your Printmaster flyer to a professional printer.


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