How To Make a Good Home Page

A home page is a company's face in the online world. If you run a business, then in all likelihood, you want your customers, old and new, to be able to learn about your business and your products or services at the comfort of their own homes. With the wealth of information that the Internet provides, though, it's easy to get lost in the millions and millions of websites out there. So here are a few tips in making a good home page for your business, organization, product or service.

Content - Content is king, and ultimately, this is what will help users find you. A website should be able to give original and credible content that a user would like to read. The information should be up-to-date, relevant and accurate to the best extent possible.

Organization - A home page should not be cluttered. That's why it's called a home page. It's simply a portal to other pages that can reside on your site. The best websites have easy to find navigation links, which are usually found in the header or at the top part of the sidebar. This helps people move around your site without the need to scroll too much. If your company has dozens or hundreds of products, then you should not put these all in the home page. Rather, you can have product profiles in separate pages, ideally organized by type and name.

Visual appeal - While content is king, nobody would read a webpage that looks ugly. The best homepages look clean and neat, with readable text, and enough white space to prevent eye strain. Headings should be able to stand out, with bigger text and brighter colors. Body text should not blend in too much with the background. Images can also help in highlighting key points or important parts of your website. However, don't overdo the placement of images, since this might cause your site to load slowly.

Speed - Don't assume that everyone is connected through high speed cable or DSL. Some readers might still be on slow dialup, or on slow computers. Therefore, you shouldn't stuff your home page with multimedia, like videos, songs flash animations and the like. I you absolutely need to place multimedia on your home page, offer users a "light" version without these animations and media. Remember that some people access information on the go, and use mobiles phone browsers to check email, movie schedules, business establishments and telephone numbers online.

Timeliness - Lastly, a good webpage should be up to date. There's no use in keeping a website if the information is stale and no longer applicable. In this regard, a blog might be a good addition to your home page, since you can post regular news or other updates here.

Think of a home page as your digital handshake. A good home page leaves a good and lasting impression on other people, whether they are potential customers, friends, business associates, or even employees. It should be clean, relevant, clear, up to date, and convenient.


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