How To Make a Moving Signature for Forums

The Code is Here, Just for You

Well, to make a moving signature, we should insert a HTML command called "marquee" in it. The code is the following:

  1. <marquee behavior="scroll" direction="up" height="250px"
    width="100%" onmouseout="this.start()" onmouseover="this.stop()"
    scrollamount="2" > "You write things or put images here."</marquee>
  2. This code is the general code. I'll explain every part of it:
    • Basic explanation:
      The direction your sign is going to move, up, down, left and right.
    • height="250px"
      The number up there determines the height (px = pixels) of the space used to do the movement. The system can be in pixels (px) or percentages (%).
    • Width="100%"
      Now that number determines the wide size of the movement in percentages (%). The system can be in pixels (px) or percentages (%).
    • Scrollamount="2"
      That's the speed of the movement; the number represents the desired speed.

That's it. Very simple, isn't it?


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I haven't heard of marquee before...thanks for this truly sounds simple.

By Mary Norton

Great Code, but i don't think it will cost me. :)

By Jameel Ahmad Sameemi