How To Make a Newspaper on Microsoft Word

The newspaper is one way of getting information, especially on current events.  Since this is one means of getting a message across, there are newsletters made tailored to fit the needs of specific communities, like organizations, clubs, school, class, and other groups.  You do not necessarily need a desktop publishing program.  Microsoft Word is readily equipped for your publication needs.  You can produce a professional quality newspaper with just this software.

Title and header. Open a new blank Word Document.  You need to type in the name of your newspaper into the Header.  With Word 2007, click on the “Insert” tab.  Within the Header&Footer group, click on “Header.”  For earlier versions of Word, like Word 2003, click on the “View” menu and select “Header and Footer.”

Like most newspapers and newsletters have the name of the publication on center.  Do this by clicking on the center button within the Paragraph group under the Home tab of Word 2007.  For earlier versions of Word, you will find the center button in the Formatting toolbar. Or you can simply press Ctrl-E. Type in the name of the newspaper.  You may change the font, size and color of the name using the buttons in the Font group.  Try using font size 26 or larger to make the title of the newspaper stand out.  You can also try highlighting it through bold or underline.

Date and issue number. Press “Enter” to go to the next line.  Here you would put the date, issue or volume of this newspaper.  You should then change the font size to a much smaller font size than that of the newspaper name.  If you are going to release monthly, write the month and the year.  For weekly newsletters, you may want to put the date range it covers or the date of the first day of that week.  Of course, for daily newspapers, typing the date would suffice, although some would also put what day of the week it is.  You may also want to change the alignment.  Some would have this information on the center same as that of the newspaper name, but you could have it also on the left or the right side.

Finish the masthead. Click away from the Header box.  Put a straight line underneath your header to separate it from your articles.  To do this in Word 2007, click on the “Insert” tab and under the Illustrations group, click on the drop-down arrow of the “Shapes” button.  For earlier versions of Word, click the “Insert” menu and hover to “Picture” and select “AutoShapes”.  Choose the straight line shape for you to be able to draw the line break after the header.  To change the properties of the straight line, right click on the line and click on “Properties”.  You may want to choose a thicker type of line.

Columns. For your news articles to have the similar likeness to that of the newspapers, they should be written in columns.  To do this in Microsoft 2007, under the “Page Layout” tab, you will find the “Columns” drop-down arrow button.  In earlier versions of Word, simply click on the “Columns” button found in the Standard Toolbar.  Select the number of columns you would want your newspaper to have. 

Articles. Type in your articles for this issue of your newspaper.  If you would want to include graphics or pictures, click on “Insert,” a tab in Word 2007 and a menu in earlier versions of Word.  Click on the type of image or graphic you would want to include in the articles of your paper.  You may want to put captions on pictures and others.

Not having professional publication software should no longer hinder you from spreading the word and making your own newspaper.  Microsoft Word can help you do the trick!  


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