How To Make a Recovery Disk for Windows XP Backup

A Windows XP backup disk would be nice to have in case you misplaced your OS installer or if your computer actually came with a preloaded Windows XP system. Here are the steps on how to make a recovery disk for your Windows XP.

  1. Take note of your Windows XP serial number.  If you have forgotten to take note of it, you can retrieve it using a third party software called “Magical Jelly Bean Key Finder”. This is a free software that you can download and use to recover the CD serial key you used when Windows XP was installed on your system.
  2. On your desktop, create a folder where the backup files are to be copied in. For ease of identification, name the folder as “XP Backup”.
  3. Locate for the folder named “i386”. The i386 folder is where the files to repair or rebuild your operating system are located. The folder is often found in two locations so if it’s not in the first one, then it’s on the second location. To locate the folder, launch “My Computer” by clicking on the icon for it. Select and double click the drive where your OS files are stored. Commonly, this is the C:\ drive. When you open the drive where your OS is stored, it will commonly show a message that says, “This folder contains files that keep your system working properly”. Just hit the link to “Show the contents of this folder”. The root drive of C:\ is the first location that you can find the i386 folder. If it is not there, hit the “Windows” folder and then “Driver Cache”. This is the second location where the i386 folder is stored. Copy the folder and paste it to the “XP Backup” folder you created on the desktop earlier. Ensure that you only copy the folder and not “cut” or “drag” the folder into the “XP Backup” folder, as it will permanently be moved to that folder and will damage your OS installation.
  4. Copy your drivers. Save the video, network and sound drivers in folders you created in the “XP Backup” folder named “VIDEO”, “NETWORK” and “SOUND” respectively.
  5. Get an ISO maker. Once your download completes, install the ISO maker and launch the program. It will pull up the boot loader file and then drag the “XP Backup” folder onto it to join the files together. Save the image file and take note the location where you have stored it.
  6. Slot in a blank disk to your CD/DVD drive.  Burn the image file on the blank disk.

After the disk is burned, put it in a case and store it in a safe place. Don’t forget to include the serial key together with the CD in case the need for it arises.


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