How To Make a Secondary Income with GPT Sites

Many people are on the lookout for earning a secondary income with the current economy drop. GPT sites, or ‘get paid to’ sites are those sites that will pay you just for answering online surveys, making a product review, writing a blog or an article, completing offers, surfing the Web, playing games or simply for reading emails. This is one form of marketing because some companies find it effective to give incentives, like money or free goods like gadgets, to earn leads or possible consumers. This article will attempt to cover all you need to know in order to earn a secondary income with GPT sites.

  1. Do your homework and research for reliable GPT sites. Make sure that you thoroughly read the Agreement and Terms of Service of the GPT site that you are thinking of joining. Also make it a point to read on the payout terms. There may be set minimum payout amounts, but a credible GPT site will set the limit under $50. Anything higher than that is already suspicious because it only equates to them avoiding paying their members. Do not forget to look for testimonials from users of the site, and check if the Website has been listed for scam complaints.
  2. Start slow then eventually sign up with more sites. If you are a newbie it is understandable that you start slow. But once you have accomplished a few of the tasks assigned by the GPT site you first signed up with, sign up with a few other GPT sites to keep the dollars coming in your bank account. The more tasks you complete, then the bigger the possibility of earning.
  3. Contact information. Just make sure that you only enter accurate information about yourself because if you use dummy emails and contact information, then do not expect any earnings from the surveys that you have completed and your membership may be terminated. Create a separate email account which you can designate as your GPT email so that your personal email will not be clogged with spam of current offers.

Do not forget to set up a PayPal account so they can send your earnings, and you can transfer it safely to your bank account. Other GPT sites may send you a cheque of your earnings. Check your GPT email regularly for new offers, and of course, your payout update. Hopefully you find a GPT site that will work for you, and if you do, then don’t let it go.


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