How To Make a Signal Booster for WiFi for Free

WiFi coverage could be a problem in your home installation. Instead of buying a signal booster, you can opt to make your own. Here are the steps on how to make you own signal booster.

  1. Obtain the materials needed when creating a homemade signal booster for WiFi. Make sure you have handy a pair of scissors, cutter or razor, aluminum foil and glue.
  2. Obtain a copy of a WiFi signal booster template. You can get a copy of the pattern from for the Parabolic Reflector V2. Resize the image to fit the signal boost you want to have. The original size the template has is for a signal boost of up to 9db. If you want a signal boost of up to 12 db, it would be best to resize the template twice its original size.
  3. Print the WiFi signal booster pattern. Print the template on a durable paper like a photo paper or cardboard paper.
  4. Take the pattern out of the cardboard paper. Carefully cut the template using a pair of scissors out of the cardboard paper. Then as specified by the indicators on the pattern, cut the six sections as designed. When cutting out the six sections of the signal booster, it would be best to use a cutter or razor than using a pair of scissors. Be very vigilant if you’re using a cutter as this could injure your fingers.
  5. Coat the signal booster pattern with glue. Lightly spread the glue onto the pattern and proceed to do the next step.
  6. Envelop the signal booster pattern with aluminum foil. After coating the signal booster pattern with glue, lightly place the aluminum against it. Lightly tap the aluminum foil to fasten it on the cardboard paper with the use of the glue coating you applied earlier.
  7. Secure the cut out segments of the pattern with aluminum foil. Enfold the segments with aluminum foil. Make sure to cover the pattern with the foil or else, the performance of the homemade signal booster would not be as efficient as it was intended to become. When the template is fully covered with foil, proceed with the next step.
  8. Repeat the above steps to produce as many signal boosters as needed. After which, situate the newly homemade signal booster along the location to where you what WiFi signal to be enhanced. First, you would need to place the booster on your wireless router’s antenna. After which, you would need to aim the positioning of the booster to the direction where you want the WiFi signal to be boosted, preferably in the direction where your computers are located.

After doing that, place the booster on a different location where you want the signal to be enhanced. Like on your patio or kitchen.


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