How To Make a Spreadsheet Using Windows Task Launcher

A less expensive and easier version of Microsoft Office is Microsoft Works. This caters to home computers that do not need the full features that Office has. It only has a word processor, a database program, and a spreadsheet. Comparing to Office, Works is much simpler but not necessarily less useful. For instance, you can also make spreadsheet file using Microsoft Windows Task Launcher. The spreadsheet you can make from is not as full-featured as Excel but you can select among the many templates that will surely make your job easier. If you are not familiar with Microsoft Works and how to create a spreadsheet using it, just follow these procedures:

  1. Open the Microsoft Works Task Launcher. You can double click the shortcut icon on the Desktop if you have that. If not, you’ll have to locate it by clicking the “Start” button, the “All Program” option, the “Microsoft Works”, and “Microsoft Works Task Launcher”, respectively. For easier use in the future, you can make a Desktop shortcut of the program. Put the mouse pointer over the Microsoft Works Task Launcher and right click. A menu will appear. Select “Send To” and another menu will appear. Choose “Select Desktop (create shortcut)” and that will automatically create a Task Launcher shortcut on the Desktop.
  2. Works Spreadsheet. Now that the Task Launcher window is open, you can open a spreadsheet file by clicking the “Works Spreadsheet” on the “Quick Launch” option. The Quick Launch tab is at the right portion of the window named “Task Launcher.” As an alternative, you can locate the Works Spreadsheet by clicking the Programs option you can see at the top of Task Launcher window.
  3. Templates. The Works Spreadsheet section will allow you to pick a preformatted template from various template options. See the description of each template by placing your mouse over the icon for a few seconds. Wait until the description appears. Click on your chosen template category. Select also the template style. After that, click on the button “Use this Style” on top of the template. These templates are great for people who do not know how to make a spreadsheet file. A common spreadsheet file will need formulas to make it more useful. But a spreadsheet using Windows Task Launcher will not need tedious and head-breaking formulation anymore because everything you need is already there.
  4. Created. Do some tweaking on the template so it will suit your needs. After that, do not forget to save the spreadsheet file.

Microsoft Works will no longer be available starting 2010. Instead, Microsoft has created a similar product called Office Starter 2010 to be released when the old Works becomes obsolete. However, the newer Works will only run using Windows Vista and more advanced operating systems. The Office Starter 2010 will still include spreadsheet and word processor but the database function will already be out of the picture.

Even though Microsoft Works can hardly be described as cutting edge software, it can still be a useful software not only for creating spreadsheet but word processor files and database files as well. More than that, the contribution of Works to make our life easier can never be forgotten—especially considering how easy it is to make a Works Spreadsheet using Windows Task Launcher. 


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