How To Make a Table in Excel

Values are best presented in tables in Excel. And it would be more convenient if the data inputted in a table in Excel be automatically sorted according to the user's preferences. Thankfully, the program PivotTable in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet does just this. In this article, we will teach you how to make a table in Excel and be able to make a more comprehensible and visual report.

  1. Open the Microsoft Excel file that has to be put with a table. Pull up the Microsoft Excel by clicking on its respective title twice.
  2. Launch an empty Microsoft Excel file if you want to work on an empty spreadsheet. Click on the Start button and direct you mouse to All Programs for a secondary menu to pop up. Look for the item Microsoft Excel and click on it once. An empty Microsoft Excel spreadsheet should have now been pulled up on your screen. Now, save this file first by clicking on the disk icon found at the top toolbar. The Save As box will appear when you do so. Select the location where you want the Microsoft Excel file to be saved in the Save in: section. Now, go to the File name: section and key in your choice of name for the Excel file and finally click on Save.
  3. Assign header titles. Key in the header titles in the A1 through Z1 cells. Now, key in all of the necessary information into their respective cells.
  4. Determine which data will be included in your table. Now, highlight all of the data that you want to be included in the table in Excel. Do so by dragging the cross-shaped mouse cursor across the cells.
  5. Start the process of making a table in Excel. Go to the topmost toolbar and click on the eighth tab Data. From the dropdown menu that pops up, click on the option PivotTable and PivotChart Report. Now, the PivotTable and PivotChart Wizard box will appear on the screen. On the Where is the data that you want to analyze? section, tick the option Microsoft Excel list or database. Now, go to the What kind of report do you want to create? section and tick the radio button right beside the option PivotTable. Now, click on Next to go to step 2 of the wizard. Now, you will notice that the text field right beside the Range: section is already populated. This simply means that the cells with data you want included in the table has already been selected. Now, click on Next to go to step 3 where you will need to determine which worksheet the table will be included in. Once you are done, simply click on Finish.

Now that you have created a table in Excel, all you need to do is to drag and drop the items you want included. Do so by clicking and dragging them from the PivotTable Field List into their respective positions in the table.


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