How To Make a Title Page in Microsoft Word

Title page or cover pages are the first thing we set our eyes on when we look at paper presentations. Microsoft Word 2007 can help make your paper presentations look more professional because there are over 10 cover page design templates available at your disposal. Here is how you can make a title page in Microsoft Word:

Pull up the document that needs a title page.
Create a new file or open an existing document, whatever needs a title page added on.

Access the Cover Page gallery.
To do this, click on the ‘Insert’ tab from the ribbon. Under the first section called ‘Pages’, you will see the first icon labeled ‘Cover Page’. Click on the dropdown arrow beside the icon and you will see a gallery of different styles of title pages. Choose the one that you prefer and by default it will appear at the beginning of the document but you can always right-click on the chosen cover page design, and choose where it will be inserted in the document. After the cover page is applied, you can add the details of your paper presentation and edit the font style, size, color and images if there are any.

Save the title page you created as a template for future use.
After you have customized the design of your chosen cover page, you can save it for future use. All you need to do is to highlight or select the whole cover page, go back to the ‘Insert’ tab on the ribbon, click ‘Cover Page’ from the ‘Pages’ section and down below after the cover page templates, click on ‘Save Selection for Cover Page Gallery’.

Change the cover page design to your heart’s content.
Not satisfied with the design that you have chosen? Changed your mind and will not need a title page for your paper presentation? That can easily be fixed by, again, clicking on the ‘Insert’ tab on the ribbon, clicking ‘Cover Page’ and right below the gallery of the title page designs, clicking on the option ‘Remove Current Cover Page’. Now you do not have any cover page and it is up to you if you will choose another design from the gallery.

After you are done editing the content of the cover page, be sure to save the changes that you have made. Now that you have added a cover page to your paper presentation, it looks more professional and creative.


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