How To Make a Video on YouTube

Have you ever heard of that expression going around, “If it happened at all, it must be on YouTube!” Though that would certainly be an exaggeration, clearly YouTube is one of the most influential websites around – some can even say life-changing; certainly it’s one of the landmark innovations of this decade.

YouTube, in simplest terms, allows anyone with Internet access to view videos that other users have posted. With the millions of videos, hundreds of which are being posted everyday, that’s certainly a lot of entertainment to choose from – and all for free. Certainly viewers all over the world agree; just ask the people who collectively view an average of about 70 million videos daily.

Videos on YouTube will include home-made, amateur videos, music videos, commercials, and even TV shows and movies. Videos on YouTube have a maximum length of ten minutes; longer videos can be split, resulting in titles such as “video 1 of 4”.

If you want to view videos on YouTube, all you’d have to do is go to You can search for titles of videos by typing keywords on the “Search” field; or you can browse through the featured videos and popular videos listings.

Apart from being a passive viewer at YouTube, you could instead choose to be one of the uploaders; that is, people who post their videos for public viewing. Hey, nowadays everybody has a shot at being a celebrity! So if you’re looking to find out how to create a video for YouTube, here are the simple steps you’d need to take:

  1. Create your own YouTube account. Becoming a member is fast and easy, and most of all, it’s completely free. Just click on the “Sign Up” button on the upper right-hand corner of the screen and follow the instructions there.
  2. Plan your concept. How you plan for your video will depend on your purposes and your artistic style. For example, would you like to create a home video that showcases your son’s singing and dancing talent? Then you wouldn’t need a storyline. You just have to prep him with his act, make sure that the location is well-lit and visually appealing, and you’re all set to roll your camera. If you want to create, say, a music video, then you’d have to think of a more elaborate setting, costume and props, and you’d also spend quite some time in editing. Here’s a suggestion: stick to making very simple videos first, and then level up to more stylized videos as you get the hang of it.
  3. Film your video. To make your video, you could use virtually any gadget with a camera and which you can connect to your PC or laptop. Some examples of these devices include your digital camera, cellphone, and video camera. Make sure that the video you create is 10 minutes or less, and is not larger than 2 Gigabytes. Do know, however, that if you want to lend a professional effect to your video, you should invest in higher-end cameras; a recommended one is the P2 camera.
  4. Edit your video. As mentioned, the degree of your editing will depend on the effect and style you want your video to have. If you really want to get your video edited, be encouraged by the fact that there are a lot of very user-friendly editing programs for you, including Adobe Premiere, Moviemaker and Final Cut (for Mac users).
  5. Save your video to your computer memory. Choose the location that you want to save your video in. Make sure that you remember this location, because this is where you will be getting your video from once you start uploading.
  6. To upload (or post) your video to YouTube, just sign up, click on the “Upload Video” button at the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and follow the easy instructions. Make sure that the video you are creating doesn’t infringe on copyright laws or do not have unsavory content, or else YouTube will have to delete it.

There you have it! These are just some handy tips to help you make a video for you tube.  Good luck, and have fun letting the whole world enjoy your creation!


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