How To Make a Webcast Like on 'iCarly'

Carly from the TV series iCarly has never expected that she and her friends would one day be popular. Thanks to her friend Freddie, who posted their school talent show audition online, she and her friends now have hundreds of fans.

If you’re interested in making a webcast like on iCarly, you can do so using a few materials. With determination and hard work to create interesting videos, you could be famous, too, like Carly and her friends. Here’s how you can make a webcast:

  • Prepare the materials. You will need a webcam, a computer, a video editing software, and an Internet connection to make a webcast. If your computer doesn’t have a webcam, buy one in a computer store. However, make sure to read webcam reviews in the Internet first, before choosing a model to buy. This is important because although it isn’t necessary to have a high quality webcam to do a great webcast, you and your viewers will benefit from a webcam that produces clear videos. Also, make sure that your computer has video editing software installed. If it has none, you can either buy one in a computer store, or download free software in the Internet.
  • Plan your webcast. Before making a webcast, plan your video first. This will prevent you from redoing videos, and gives you better chances in making an interesting video. In planning a video, think of what you are going to show, how many people will be involved, where are you going to do the video, and how many times will you be posting videos. Choose a hobby, an event, or an activity that interests you. This will be the topic of your webcast. With a topic at hand, you will now be able to determine the number of people involved in the video, the place where you’re going to do it, and the frequency of your webcast. If there are people other than yourself included in the video, tell them of your idea, and ask them nicely if they are willing to join you. After you have done all of this, make a script of your video.
  • Make the video. Turn on the webcam and capture the activity that you want to show in the webcast. If something goes wrong, don’t sweat on it too much. It is rare for videos to go smoothly the first time the camera rolls. Be patient and reshoot the video. When you’re satisfied with your video capture, play the video in your computer. While reviewing the video in your computer, take note of the parts you want to edit. Use the video editing software to edit these parts.
  • Upload the video. After you’re done editing the video, you can now put it online for everyone to see. Two websites where you can upload it for free is in YouTube and Piczo. YouTube is a popular video community where everyone can upload and watch videos online. Piczo, meanwhile, is the same as YouTube, only that it gives you your own website to post your videos.

Don’t limit yourself to the same people in making a webcast. Your webcast can be more interesting if you invite other people in it. Also, be open to suggestions. If a video idea isn’t offensive, it might be worth a try.


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