How To Make a Word Collage in Paint Shop Pro XI

Word collage is a very unique way of expressing oneself through the use of a group of non-related words to describe a person, event or anything under the sun. It can be seen in yearbook write-up page, posters, banners, wallpapers and many more. In essence, word collage is an artistic but not entirely graphical way of summing up an idea or making a statement. While making a word collage is certainly challenging, it definitely provides loads of fun and excitement. For first timers, you can arrange the words in such a way that they complement each other rather than contradict. This way, your audience may better understand your message.

Paint Shop Pro XI is a new software produced by esteemed digital company Corel. It is especially designed to suit the needs of people who are artistic and creative at the same time technology savvy. Like other Corel programs, Paint Shop Pro XI is very user-friendly, affordable, and easy to learn. Programs like this have been increasingly used to create posters, cards, banners and many other artistic endeavors simply because it is easy to use even by non-experts. The resulting piece of work is also very outstanding, regardless if the author is a professional or not.

If this will be your first time to use Paint Shop Pro XI to create a word collage, then follow these simple steps.

  • First, purchase the Paint Shop Pro XI software from any nearest store. Turn on your computer and install the program to your computer. Make sure the software is running properly.
  • Second, create a new file. The dimensions are as follows: 900 for width, 500 for height.
  • Third, choose a background color. From the color palette, choose the best color. Remember that the background color must complement the color of your font or else the finished product may look too juvenile, or the words may not be easily readable.
  • Fourth, click on the text toolbar. A box where you can start typing will appear. Type the first word here. Then change the font style, size, and color depending on your preference. A friendly tip: choose something that is not too bold, crowded-looking, or difficult to understand. Likewise, pick colors that are easy on the eyes.
  • Fifth, using the mouse, move the word or phrase to where you want it to be.
  • Continue repeating the fourth and fifth steps, using different font, color, and size each time.
  • Sixth, combine all layers by clicking “Layers” at the topmost toolbar, and then click “Merge,” followed by “Merge All (Flatten).”
  • Finally, do not forget to save your work for future reference.

Just a few more tips: You may opt to link words together by adding arrows. Take advantage of the variations in size, color and text style to highlight priorities, suggest relations or group words or ideas together. For example, people were presented in the color blue, places in color green and events in color yellow. Consequently, family members may be written in light blue, close relatives in royal blue, and friends in dark blue. You may also change the direction of the text – upright, sideways, or even circular. Finally, adding photos to your word collage may be a good idea to spark interest as well as to create contrast.


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