How To Make an iMovie Continuously Loop on a Mac

iMovie is a video editing program for Mac computers. The program is also available on the iPhone 4 and the fourth generation of the iPod Touch. You can edit your home videos and movies on the iMovie so that you can add other components such as text, images and music. You can make your movie play on your computer continuously on loop so that you do not have to play the movie over and over again manually.

Find out how you can make an iMovie continuously loop on your Mac computer by following the steps that are provided below:

  • Open and compress the movie. Open the iMovie video that you want to play on loop in your computer. Open the ‘Share’ option in iMovie and select ‘Quicktime’. The next step is to compress your movie file. Choose the compression option that you want for your movie and click on ‘Share’. Provide a title for your movie and save the file. Do not forget the location where you save the new video file. Wait for the file to finish copying.
  • Launch the new copy of the movie. When the compression is complete, open the Quicktime file that you just created. It will now be played with Quicktime. Go to the ‘View’ menu and a drop down menu will appear. Choose the option ‘Loop’ among the choices on the drop down menu. After clicking the option, you can already play the movie using Quicktime. The movie will start automatically after it ends.

Now you know how to make an iMovie on loop with your Mac computer. There are many other things that you can do with your iMovie. If using iMovie is new for you, you can read some online tutorials that you can use so that you can make the most out of the iMovie program. You can view some online tutorials on the websites that are provided below.

  • Apple – This is the official website of Apple where you can find iMovie tutorials. There are plenty of topics that you can choose from so that you can start making movies using iMovie. Some of the topics included in the tutorials are starting a project, sharing your movies and many more. The tutorials come with tips and step by step instructions so they are easy to follow.
  • iMovie Basic Tutorials – This website has iMovie basic tutorials that you can use if you are a beginner. The basic level tutorials on the website focus on 7 topics – capturing videos, cutting and arraning clips, transitions, adding music and effects, adding titles and credits, transferring your videos to tape and exporting your movie to Quicktime.
  • iMovie Tutorial Links – This website provides a list of iMovie tutorial links that you can access online. Most of the tutorials that you can find on the website are for free. Browse through all the tutorials to learn about how you can make use of iMovie to improve your home videos.

These are some of the helpful resources that you can use when working with the iMovie program.


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