How To Make Blinking Text

In any HTML document, the author has the decision on whether to create his content alternately visible and invisible on the reader’s screen. This is called the blinking text. There are a lot of ways to do this in the 'Net, including some computer programs that were designed to aid you in creating a blinking text. All you need is some rough knowledge of computers and a keen eye for following directions.

Follow the steps below in making a blinking text:

  • Create a blinking text using FoxPro version 2.x for MS-DOS. Although the blinking command may have no effect on the FoxPro elements, there are forms to follow closely to achieve the blinking effect. An example of a form is the one called as Test.scx. Locate its Caption property and rename it to This Label Blinks. Go to Auto size option and change it to true. Insert a timer event on the form you have made. Place the following code in it. THISFORM.Label1.Visible=! THISFORM.Label1.Visible. Set to a thousand the interval property of the timer. Check if the form is functional as you save it and test-run it.
  • Create a blinking text using the HTML. While Internet Explorer does not offer an opportunity for any blink element, there are other options that will help you create one. One of the most outdated programs is the blink Tag. It lost its popularity among web developers due to the difficulty in using it. The following code is for creating a blinking text using the code:  blink Tag. <blink> Geekyard </blink>.
  • Create a blinking text using Marquee. This is another application used in creating a blinking text that is available in HTML. This is a stress-free way of creating since it will not use the text Tag or the Java Script. The basic marquee tag will look like this <marquee>. Place some specification by adding strings to the code. For example, this is how to add style: <marquee style="height:20;width:200">. Note that the figures 20 and 200 are examples only. Change those figures according to your preferred sizes. Add a code string of scrollamount=”” with a corresponding number that is exactly your preferred width. Decide on how fast the blink will be on your text. This is the code for it: scrolldelay="number". If you want faster blinks, indicate a smaller number on the code.
  • Create a blinking text using Microsoft Excel. There are no applications available for making the text blink, but a change in font color will create the same blinking effect. Use the onTime method for this. Try the code below:

Public RunWhen As Double

Sub StartBlink()
    With ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A1").Font
        If .ColorIndex = 3 Then ' Red Text
            .ColorIndex = 2 ' White Text
            .ColorIndex = 3 ' Red Text
        End If
    End With
    RunWhen = Now + TimeSerial(0,0,1)
    Application.OnTime RunWhen, "'"&ThisWorkbook.Name&"'!StartBlink", , True
End Sub  

Sub StopBlink()
    ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A1").Font.ColorIndex = _
    Application.OnTime RunWhen, "'"&ThisWorkbook.Name&"'!StartBlink", , False
End Sub

Use the blinking text effect in moderation. This effect is kind of confusing and annoying in the eyes. Take special consideration in using it on your website. There is an existing law that keeps the use of blinking texts top a minimum, as a precautionary measure for epileptic individuals.


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