How To Make Desktop Icons Smaller in Windows

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Navigating the computer need not be a very daunting task, especially for people who are working in lower resolution screens. A solution for this is to make the desktop items in Windows a little bit smaller. By making the desktop icons smaller, you will have more room to work in, and more space to place icons in.

OS. This instruction will work on the computers running with a Windows XP Operating System where the desktop icons are set at default and have not been altered or reconfigured in size.

Check the settings. Access the computer’s desktop and do a right click on an area which is open (space where there are no icons). This will lead to a window with a number of selections. On the bottom part will show ‘Properties’. Left click on this and another window will pop up. This is the ‘Display Properties’. From the ‘Display Properties’, click on the tab which says ‘Appearance’. At the bottom right hand corner of the ‘Appearance’ tab are two buttons, ‘Effects’ and ‘Advanced’. Left click on the ‘Effects’ button to see whether the ‘Use Large Icons’ is checked. If it is, then this explains why the icons are big. Un-checking the box brings the icons to the default size as it comes along in Windows XP.

Make the necessary changes. Depending on what can be seen on the screen, the necessary changes can then be made. Un-check the ‘Use Large Icons’ option to set the icon size to its default. Should the size be acceptable already, don’t forget to click on ‘Apply’ for the necessary changes to take effect as you click ‘Ok’ to exit ‘Display Properties’.

Further customize the size. If the default icon size is still seen as too large, follow the same process of accessing ‘Display Properties’ and selecting the ‘Appearance’ tab. Instead of clicking on the ‘Effects’ button at the lower right hand corner, click on ‘Advanced’. This brings the display to another window called ‘Advanced Appearance’. Here, a drop-down menu can be accessed under ‘Item’. Simply select Icon and to its right, the size can then be modified. Take note that the smallest possible icon size for Windows is a 16. Go ahead and pick out the best option that satisfies the given preference. Take note that other details can be modified likewise such as the font style and size. Feel free to play around and adjust the settings as necessary. Once decided, make sure that ‘Apply’ and ‘Ok’ are clicked for the adjustments to take effect.

Changing the settings and in this case, making the icon size is not such a daunting task. Perhaps it is only the first try which seem tedious, however; following the instructions above guarantees success. After a few more tries in changing, one will simply breeze through it like a whiz.


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