How To Make Hard Hat Decals

Hard hats worn by construction workers are all generic. They are made from the same materials and come in one standard design. They do not carry the company's design or logo yet. For this, one would need a hard hat decal, which is sort to like a paper or sticker that bears whatever design you would like to have on your hard hat. Having the logo displayed on the hard hat makes it more professional. Now, obviously, the design must be customized. You can either bring this to a designer or do it yourself to save you time and money.

You can create your own hardhat decal design from your computer. First, you must know some type of design program to use. Most people are already familiar with Adobe Photoshop, so you must have this already installed on your computer. If not, you can download a free version online. After downloading, install this on your computer and get a feel of the program. It is actually very easy to use. If you can't follow through it fast enough, though, you can also download a manual of it online or use the Help feature found in the program.

If you are already familiar with Photoshop, you can create a new file. Click on File at the right side on top of the screen, and then choose New from the drop down menu. A window should appear, asking you the specific dimensions of this project. For hardhat decals, the dimension is usually about 5 x 3 (with five inches as the width, and three inches as the height). Choose 300 dpi for its resolution. Click OK when done.

You can then start creating your designs on the blank canvas. If you have an image, you can attach it to this canvas by opening the image file and copy and pasting it. You can also add some text on the canvas by choosing from the toolbox found on the right side of the Photoshop program. You can also change colors, sharpen the image further or do some more adjustments.

As soon as you are done, save your work on the computer by selecting File at the top right side of the screen, and then Save As from the drop down menu. A window should appear asking you to name your file. Make sure you pick JPEG from the list, and then click on the OK button when you are done.

Now that you have the desired logo design, you can either:

  • Have this printed as a sticker at the mall.
  • Have this printed at a local printing shop.
  •  Have this printed online via the CafePress website.

The prices for orders should vary with each of these printing services. You can choose the type of material you want for your decals. Either way, you will have to order the decal designs in bulk and sometimes it may be more than what you really need. Not to worry though, as you can use these printed decals for future use. At least you already have it on stock. 


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