How To Make Icons Larger or Smaller

Don't you just love how computers make our lives easier? Long gone are the days of creating documents and wasting lots of paper and correction fluids in the process. What's more, you get to have the option of customizing your personal computer's desktop to view letters and even icons to make them larger or smaller according to your needs. This article details steps on how to make icons larger or smaller on a computer that runs on the operating system Windows XP.

  1. Navigate to the Control Panel to access the Display Properties options. On your desktop, point your mouse's cursor to the Start button and hit it. A list should pop up when you do this. Go to the option Control Panel by directing your cursor to it and clicking on it. Doing so should result in the Control Panel window to pop up on your computer screen. Locate the icon that has the label Display and click on it twice. Now, you should have already been directed to the Display Properties dialog box.
  2. Start the process of making the icons larger or smaller. On the Display Properties dialog box, click on the tab that says Appearance once. After that, click on the button that is marked Advanced once. Now, you should be directed to the Advanced Appearance window.

    Locate the Item: section and click on the dropdown menu for a list to appear once more. Select the option icon from among the long list and click on it once. Now, alongside the Item: section is the Size: section. Notice that underneath the Size: section, a small text field containing a number and arrows pointing upward and downward are supplied. Simply click on the arrow pointing upward to increase the number. This action will subsequently make the icons larger. Clicking the arrow pointing downward will decrease the number and so the size of the icons as well.

    Now, you can easily customize the size of the icons on your personal computer according to your needs; all that's needed is to finalize these changes you've recently made by clicking on the button OK on the Advanced Appearance window. After that, click OK as well on the Display Properties window. Wait for a few seconds for these changes to apply on your computer.

Making the icons larger on your computer is especially useful for senior citizens who have trouble with their eyesight. Larger icons also appeal to smaller kids as they get to see more of its vivid colors. Meanwhile, if you are the type who hates looking at a disorderly desktop, then making the icons smaller may just solve some of your problems.


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