How To Make Invitations Using Print Shop Deluxe

If you've been using computers since the 80's you've probably dabbled in Print Shop. It's one of the oldest and most basic desktop publishing applications around. Despite the emergence of more powerful and advanced image editing and graphic design software, Print Shop remains popular today. It's mostly because you don't have to be a graphic designer to be able to handle the program. Print Shop Deluxe is one of its latest versions.

  1. Use Print Shop Deluxe' templates. The application's focus is on making desktop publishing accessible and user-friendly. One way it does this is to offer templates that reduce the basic decisions and tasks you need to do by half. Under the "Select a Project" menu item is the "Customize a Ready Made" option. Choose this option to access the templates. Narrow down the template by choosing "Invitation" as a Theme. On the panel left of the main window a list will appear containing various types of invitation cards differentiated by occasion/event. Choose one by highlighting an item on this list and then clicking on the Select button. A 'Ready Made' invitation will appear on the main screen.
  2. Customize the design. This template presents the basic layout of your invitation thus freeing you to focus on the more creative work of customizing it. Start by altering the textual content. Type in the specific date, venue, contact information or any special greeting or message you want to include. Decide on a font type, size and color and apply such changes. You can use the program's import function to change the image and use a different photograph or illustration. Using the image editing tools, you can crop or resize the photo you intend to use. Remember that this is a folded card, so apply your editing on the front, inside and back of the invitation.
  3. Make an invitation that's completely original. Using Print Shop Deluxe' templates is a quick start method. For someone new to the program, you can go this route to familiarize yourself with its tools and functions, and simultaneously produce a final product. When you're more comfortable with the program, you can start expressing more creativity by choosing the "Start from Scratch" option at the beginning when you have to select a project. In this alternative method you'll be designing every element of the invitation from layout to finishing touches. It would be better to first visualize a design concept that will guide you throughout the process. This important first step will help you avoid much trial and error and save time.

Now all you have to do is save your invitation and then print it. Make sure to feed in the right kind of paper and the right paper size.


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