How To Make Invitations with PrintMaster Software

It's possible to make your own invitations using versatile desktop publishing software applications such as PrintMaster. Here are the steps in doing so with the Premier version of PrintMaster.
Acquire PrintMaster Premier software application.
Open your Web browser, type in Download PrintMaster Premier into the browser’s search field, and hit Enter on your computer. Select a download Web site from the results displayed. Once on the chosen Web site, look for the download link or button for the PrintMaster Premier software application and click on it. Make sure to close any other program on your personal computer so as make the download process faster.

Check the newly downloaded file for any virus and install afterwards.
Check the recently downloaded software for malicious files using your personal computer’s anti-virus program. Proceed with the installation process after making sure of the file’s integrity. Just click on the file’s icon twice to launch the install wizard. Afterwards, follow the supplied step-by-step instructions for correct installation of the PrintMaster Premier software.

Launch PrintMaster Premier software on your computer.
Double click on the PrintMaster Premier software’s icon twice to open it on your computer.

Finally make invitations with PrintMaster software using the folded card option.
Open PrintMaster and launch the Premier Hub. From it, click on the tab entitled Brand New. From the list that appears, select either Quarter-fold or Half-fold Card and click on the Next button.

Add images, text and finishing touches to your invitations.
If you want to add an image to the front page of your invitation, then do so by selecting from the Art Gallery section. To open it, simply click on the yellow picture frame icon found at the top left portion of the toolbar. Now, simply highlight your choice of images by highlighting and then clicking on OK. If you want to open a folder on your computer containing your own photos, then do so by clicking on the File tab on the Art Gallery section. From the dropdown list that appears, click on the option Open from Disk to launch a disk browser. Select from your stored photos and click on OK afterwards. Now, go to the page selector section and choose the page you would like to put text in by clicking the left or right arrow. Now to add text, simply click on an empty page on the inside page for the cursor to settle on it. Now, all you need to do is to type in the pertinent information regarding the event such as date, time and required attire for the guests.

Once done with all the details of your invitation, the just click on the button Save to store it on your computer. You can add and edit the text and images whenever desired before finally printing them.


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