How To Make Labels with Microsoft Works 8.5

The Word Processor in Microsoft Works 8.5 can help you with tasks like making labels. This will enable you to save time and effort. If you have a long mailing list or products to stick labels on, it can take a lot of work using other programs or to do it by hand. 

Launch Microsoft Works 8.5 and select Labels.
Go to the All Programs menu on the Start menu and select Microsoft Works 8.5 then select Microsoft Word Processor to launch the program. Go to the tool bar at the top of the program window and select Labels on the dropdown menu. You will see the Labels dialog box, which will have options like Multiple-entry labels, Return address labels, Mailing labels. Select the type of label you want to make and then put a mark on the button next to it then click OK. Now select the type of printer to use at the Label Settings dialog box. Put a mark on the button next to it and then choose a template to use from the Label products option. Select a Product Number from the options window and then click New Document.

Type in the label information.

In the first box type in the person’s name followed by the person’s address. You can use any type of font and size for the text. You can even change the font’s color if you wish but use one that anyone can read easily. There are font sizes and colors that will be difficult for people to read so be sure it is highly visible. Fill in the other boxes with names and addresses then save the document when you are done with your labels.

Preview and Print labels
When you are done with typing the label information then you can preview the document. Go to File and select Print Preview on the dropdown menu. The document you created will be displayed and you can use this to check for errors in the document. When you are satisfied with the document select File then select Save. Your labels are now ready for printing. Make sure your printer is turned on and connected to the computer. Make sure to put the label paper in the printer’s paper tray. Select Print from the File menu and then check options if everything is set the way you want it. Click OK or Print and begin the printing process.

You can type in any type of information in the labels, which does not necessarily have to be names and addresses. The labels can contain tracking numbers, product information or your company’s name.


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