How To Make Live Online Video Presentations

Today, meetings, conferences and presentations can be presented not only in the boardroom but also through the web. With more and more companies and firms dealing with international clients, learning how to make live video presentations through the web is growing in importance. Here are ways to do this.

Prepare the presentation. Begin by ensuring that your actual presentation is polished and fully fleshed out. Just as in any live presentation, you may need the help of your PowerPoint presentation and a board to illustrate the salient points of your presentation. Create these beforehand and make sure that you have already prepared these.

Set up the computer. Next, set up the computer and the web cam that will record your love online video presentation. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet and that you have a steady and relatively fast Internet connection that will not delay the transmission of the video and sound signals to the clients on the other line. The web cam should be plugged into the computer. If your web cam requires drivers, download these from the Internet and install these while following all of the necessary instructions.

Download an FTP client. You will need a file transmission protocol or FTP client to send the video stream from your web cam and computer to the other line. There are plenty of FTP protocols that you can use such as CoffeeCup. There are also free FTP clients such as FileZilla. Install these into your computer and configure the settings so that the FTP will send the files from your computer to your webhost.  Make sure that your webhost supports live file streaming, which most web hosts do.

File streaming set up. Once this is ready, turn on the web cam and perform your presentation. The files should be transmitted from the computer and stored in the webhost. The webhost will then send the files to the Internet site in real time, where other members can view your live presentation.

Pre-recorded. Another alternative is to create pre-recorded videos that will be sent to the site. This will not stream in real time, but the advantage is that you have more control over the presentation. You can use a simple video editing software such as Microsoft Movie Maker, or more complex video editing programs such as Vegas, to add effects, filters, and snippets of text and photo presentations in to the video. Save these into a file and upload on the web, where others can access it.

Chat clients. Finally, you can also use live chat clients. Messaging software today allow not only live text conversations but also actual voice and video chatting. You can use free tools such as Yahoo Messenger or Google Talk, as well as Skype, to connect you with your clients. One of the major advantages is that set up will only require the installation of the small applications between you and your clients.

When dealing with clients overseas or in other distant states, being able to communicate clearly and effectively is a must for sealing deals or presenting your ideas. Through live online video presentations, this is easy.


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