How To Make Models in Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Maya is software used in creating three dimensional computer graphics. This is a program that was developed by Alias Systems Corporation and is now owned by Autodesk. This software is popularly used in media entertainment. Here is your overview on how models can be made or created using the Autodesk Maya system.

Prepare your references. The first step is to have enough reference material that you will be using as the basis for your work. This information can be taken online, drawn or scanned. What is really important is that you have a good 360 degree view of the model that you will be working on. If this is not available then you can go ahead and create those views as needed.

Work on the General Shape. Once your references are ready, the next thing to do is to start working on building the general shape of your character. Be patient in doing this and remember that there shouldn’t be any rush. You would like to make sure to build it slowly and as a whole first, to get the proportions correct.

Work on the limbs, torso and extremities. Do this by working on creating cylinders – ideally three. Work on setting the height and remember that this will vary depending on the restrictions when it comes to the poly count on the character. Next, rotate the cylinders, translate and then scale them as you position them in the right place that matches where the legs should be. Simply work on half of the body as this later on can be mirrored so you don’t end up working on the other side anymore. The arms should be worked on the front view. The vertices should be scaled in reference to the image that you are using. Work on all the views and fill in the vertices as necessary.

Touch up. Do a run through on the model that you have created. Check which areas need to be fixed or those where vertices need to be added. This part is the best time to edit and make the necessary changes or addition when it comes to vector.

Add Details. When you have a basic model ready and filled out, you may now move into adding more details. You have a few options to consider in doing this. One option is optimization where strips of polygon will be removed and they will be adjusted. Another option is to further refine the model by adding in details by filling in the shape, as it is resembled by the model that you used as reference.

Creating models using Autodesk Maya indeed requires creativity and precision. It is not something that can easily be made with the snap of the finger. That is why it takes practice and patience in creating them. Constantly practice to hone your skills, and use a variety of subjects for the models. This way, model creation is something that you will eventually master.


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