How To Make Money at Megaupload

Megaupload is one of the well-known names that offer web hosting and online storage services on the Internet. Prices for services come in varying ranges. Some are free while others come with a cost. A number of people have signed up at Megaupload because of the service and tools that they offer, but at the same time, the site is getting a lot of popularity because of the financial rewards that you get as other users download the files that you have.

Sign-up for a premium account. Take note that a premium account is required if you intend to make money through this means. What this means is that getting real money as reward is offered to members or customers who are paying a premium account. If you intend to convert points into money, then most certainly, you will have to sign-up for the services.

Know the Rules. It is important that you understand what you are getting into. Thus, it is essential that you become aware of the terms and agreement that comes with the membership and at the same time make yourself knowledgeable when it comes to understanding how the reward system works. This will allow you to see how you can best gain advantage of the deal. It works just like any points system does. Every qualified download allows you to earn points that you may use later on for services or cash conversion. Take note on how downloads can be considered qualified and how much points you will earn per specific number of downloads.

Sign-up for a PayPal account. If you already have one, then you may proceed to the next step. If you don’t, then it is best that you visit the site and see how you can get a PayPal account. A PayPal account works well with a credit or debit card. Make sure to check that you meet the requirements. PayPal is a very convenient and secure way of making and receiving payments.

Research. Have various topics and subjects for upload. You can have music, movies, books and a whole lot more. It pays to upload information that is sought after by people over the Internet. To gain more insights on this, then you may get online to see what people are talking about in blogs and which ones have been really getting a lot of attention.

Upload your content. Once you are done with your research, the next thing to do is to upload your content into your account. As you do this, make sure that your files are organized properly. Name them in ways that make it easy to search and of course make sure that they are spelt correctly.

Market your content. To help you earn more points, you would like to advertise your content. The best way to do this is go blogging and writing articles that allow you to cite or advertise the contents that you have in your account. This is a very good way of enticing people to look at your files and actually download them. Write as many comments, posts or blogs as you can. This increases your chances.

It is possible to make money through Megaupload. The rewards that you get on top of the existing services that you pay for are truly appealing. You get reliable online storage space, points which can be redeemed for service or money and the opportunity to hone your writing skills as you work on blogging and creating posts.


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