How To Make Money from eBay Using AuctionAds

One would assume that you can only make money on eBay by selling your products. After all, eBay is arguably the world's biggest online auction site. Yet there are other ways of earning money on eBay without selling your wares. One way is to join eBay's Affiliate Scheme. All you need to is register for this program and display text ad links of eBay in your website.

Another way to earn money from eBay without selling is through AuctionsAds. This is a cost per action program that compensates a website owner for directing people from his or her website to the eBay site, provided that these people

  1. Buy an item from eBay. 
  2. Sign up as an eBay member.

These people will click on eBay advertisements that are strategically positioned in your website.

Of course, you will think that you really do not want people who visit your website to be turned off by the advertisements that they click away from your site. However, AuctionAds allows you to place ads so they are related to your posts. For example, you made a post about cellular phones. You can add keywords in the script so that it will only display ads relevant to your posts. You audience would not think that these advertisements are totally out of place in your website.

  • To get AuctionAds on your site, you must register for a publisher account in AuctionsAds. Provide all information that they need to complete the registration. Then wait for the confirmation letter that approves your inclusion in the program.
  • Once you get approved as a publisher, log in to your account. Get the ad code and install it on your website. There is a preview tool that shows you how the eBay advertisements will look on your website. As mentioned above, you can insert keywords in the script to make sure that only relevant ads will be displayed.
  • Now you're set. You can track how many people clicked on those eBay ads by logging on to your AuctionAds accounts. It will tell you how much you have earned from ads displayed on your site. If you think no one will buy anything on eBay from your site, think again. Many people just click on links and make impulsive buying decisions that could mean money for you.

AuctionAds is great way for bloggers to monetize their blogs. You can take this opportunity to review products, books, and other items that you found interesting. Once you publish the review, make sure that you change the keyword in your AuctionAds code so that only relevant live eBay auctions will appear on your site. Your review may prompt your audience to purchase whatever product that you reviewed through the live eBay auction ad that appeared on your website.

To sum up, AuctionAds is a great way to earn money on eBay without selling. Register now as a publisher to start earning from your websites.


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