How To Make Money Programming on the Internet

The Internet is teeming with earning opportunities for everyone, programmers included. The most obvious way for programmers to earn money on the Internet is to engage in freelancing. There are many online resources available to programmers who want to start in the freelancing business. Below is a guide that programmers can follow to get freelance projects. 

Join freelance web sites. These sites provide an avenue for programmers to connect with potential employers from all over the globe. Joining these web sites is free. Here is a list of the most popular freelance web sites for programmers.











Some of these web sites allow you to build a brief profile. Make sure that yours showcases your skills, strength and experience.

Bid, bid, bid. Search for available opportunities in freelance sites and submit your bids. This can be a very tedious task as there are a lot of openings available for freelance programmers. Be very diligent in looking for a job. Some of the most popular jobs for freelancing programmers involve the following: 

  • Data Processing

  • Graphic Design

  • Javascript

  • Link Building

  • PHP Programming

  • Script Installation

  • Visual Basic

  • Website Design

  • Website Security

  • Flash Designs

  • Programming solutions

  • Database development

When you bid for jobs keep in mind to only bid for projects that interest you because you are more likely to submit effective bids and proposals if you are really into the project. Allot several hours each day solely for searching projects and submitting bids. Keep in mind that the more bids you submit, the more chances you have of getting a freelancing gig. 

Check out job search engines. There are many freelance work opportunities that can be found in job search engines. Some of the most popular are, CareerBuilder, Dice, LinkUp, SimplyHired, Yahoo Hot Jobs, and Craiglist. When applying for jobs through these sites, make sure that you have a well-prepared resume and portfolio on hand. Do not write generic cover letters because it might cause you a job. Instead, write cover letters that outline why you are perfect for that particular job.

Build a business network. One of the key aspects to a successful freelancing career is networking. Having accounts in social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn allows you to connect to people who can help you professionally. Consider creating accounts in social networking sites created particularly for freelance programmers. These are SNetBase, Tweako, Developers Niche,, OpenSocial, and

Make sure that you have complete profiles on these sites as this will serve as a brief resume for you. You should also actively network. Join groups and participate in discussions. Keep adding friends to your network.

In sum, freelancing offers programmers a huge opportunity to make some money. Increase your chances of getting projects by understanding how freelance web sites work and building your social network.


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