How To Make Objects Disappear in Flash CS3

You can create a whole movie with Flash CS3 software, and you can make objects appear and disappear on a background. The object won’t go off the stage but slowly disappear where it stands.

1. Create background and object.

On the first layer create a simple background like a hill with a tree at the top and the sun against a clear blue sky. You can make this background in Illustrator and import into your library and then you can drag it on to the stage. You can also create the whole scene in Flash CS3. On a second layer, create an object sitting on the hill. Again you can do this entirely on Flash or use Illustrator. If you use illustrator you can just import the vector drawing and drag it to the stage from your library. Just make sure the drawing of the object is in a separate layer than the background.

2. Convert to Symbol.

To be able to modify your object in the Flash movie you need to convert it to a movie clip. We won’t be making any changes to the background layer so make sure the second layer where the object is on is selected or highlighted. Go to the tool bar at the top of your screen and click the Modify option. From the dropdown list select “Convert to Symbol” and then select the “Movie Clip” option. You can now apply effects to the object on the second layer.

3. Modify Timeline.

Our objective here is to make the object appear to fade out slowly and disappear. So we will be making some modifications to the timeline to achieve this effect. We will add twelve frames to the timeline which will begin on the left side and then move towards the right of the timeline. Select the number of frames in the timeline and then go to the Insert menu on the toolbar at the top of your screen. On the dropdown list select Timeline and then click “Frames”. You will have twelve frames to work with. Now go to the last frame which is the twelfth frame on the timeline and then go to the Insert menu again and select Timeline and then click on “Keyframe”. You will notice a black dot on the twelfth frame.
4. Create Motion Tween.

With your object still selected, go to the timeline and select all the twelve frames. Make sure they are all highlighted. Go to the Insert menu once again and select Timeline and then click “Create Motion Tween”. You will notice arrows pointing to the left and right on the timeline.

5. Modify Properties palette.

With the object still selected click the last frame and then go to the Properties palette. On the Color menu select “Alpha” and then set it to “0”. You can now test your movie by playing the movie.

Adding more frames in the Timeline will make your object slowly disappear. If we didn’t add enough frames the object will just disappear right away and you might not have the chance to see the object first.


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