How To Make Pie Charts in Word

A pie chart is a representation of quantitative data depicted in a circular chart where the values of the quantitative data are equivalent to the ‘slices’ of the pie. Adding a pie chart in your documents is made easy in Microsoft Word 2007.

  1. Open the Word document where you want to add a pie chart. A pie chart can be added to an existing Word document or to a new file. Once you have the Word document pulled up on your computer, click once on the area where you want the pie chart to appear on your document.
  2. Select the layout of the pie chart you want to use. From the Ribbon, click on the ‘Insert’ tab. Locate the ‘Illustrations’ group and then click on the ‘Chart’ button. The ‘Insert Chart’ dialog box will materialize on your screen. Choose ‘Pie’ from the different chart choices on the left side of the dialog box and then choose from the different types of pie chart layouts on the right side, then click ‘OK’ once you are done.
  3. Enter the data needed for the pie chart. After you click OK, the pie chart layout you have chosen will appear in Word, and then a split screen with an Excel spreadsheet will appear to the right. You will see that a sample data is already provided on the Excel spreadsheet, so just replace it with the data you need for the pie chart. Every time you type in information in the Excel spreadsheet, the pie chart also updates in the Word document located on the left side of your screen. Once you are done typing in all the necessary information for the pie chart, simply close the Excel worksheet and then click on the text area to proceed with finishing your document.
  4. Change the layout of the pie chart. If you changed your mind halfway and want to use another layout, simply click on the ‘Chart Tools Design Tab’ where you can select other layout and colors for the pie chart. You can also click on ‘Edit Data’ from the same tab if you need to change any information in the pie chart, and it will again pull up the Excel spreadsheet you saw earlier.

Your audience will understand quantitative data much faster if you provide them with a graphic representation of the figures in your document. With the different tools and functions available in Microsoft Word 2007, preparing your Word documents is made easy, including creating a pie chart.


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