How To Make Use of Expert Systems

Expert System is a kind of program that can give out solutions with information as its basis. It is an artificial intelligence or software that allows the computer to decide or solve some problems. It is for following some procedures or steps in order for you to have a concrete diagnosis. It helps us experience the solutions that we can get by downloading it on a computer. Expert System functions as our knight in shining armor in terms of finding solutions to a certain problem and gives out our knowledge in following the guidelines that we are going to do afterwards. Here are some guidelines on how to make use of Expert Systems:

  1. Knowledge Based Systems - In making use of these we all should be wise enough to distinguish every thought that has been laid to us for our diagnosis. They only came from someone's knowledge to another creating data that may or may not help us solve our concerns. Knowledge based systems sometimes need further evaluation before applying it and then come up with further analysis in finding a new solution.
  2. Rule Based Systems - In making use of this, you have to have permanent information or data, a process of which you can test the capacity of what you are working on and another thing is a temporary information that lets you be open for more details that would come up in a while. Knowledge base is connected in making use of the rule based system. Without having knowledge, you won't be able to come up with a permanent data, which is applied, to a rule based system.
  3. Model Systems - In making use of this, you should know more of the past information regarding a certain subject you are working on. In order for you to come up with these solutions, you should analyze the past studies in order for you to apply it to the future. This may also help us create something new or come up with applications those we know would help us form concrete data with no longer relying on the past research. Model System is just an example of data or information we had in the past and then applying it in the new discoveries only for comparisons.

As we grow, we learn new things; we are able to come up with new questions that may vary from what kind of world we are in. We ask many questions that we sometimes cannot answer personally but will soon find out that we can work it out by just having enough knowledge. Learning is something we should not disregard, for it is a process. While you are growing up, you learn. Expert Systems may help us in many ways but relying on it is not necessary. They are just learning from other’s knowledge that even you can come up with a bigger and reliable solution to your problem. Processing data inside our minds through analytical studies may help us conquer all the possible answers to the questions in the future.


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