How To Make Your Own Ecards

An E-card, short for electronic card, is actually a virtual greeting card sent via e-mail. There are lots of websites offering this kind of service to the public but not all of them are free. Also, it is risky to use these websites because users are required to give at least two e-mail addresses, one for the recipient and one for the receiver. Nobody knows if these e-card sites are really trustworthy and responsible for handling clients’ e-mail addresses. Anyway, to make your own personalized e-cards, consider the following:

1.    Identify the occasion. This will help you decide which design and message you would like to insert in the card.

2.    Know the theme. You must have a scanned image either for background or for the main image of our e-card.

3.    Choose which platform you should use. You could choose making a card from any graphics supporting software such as word processors (e.g., MS Word), desktop publishers (e.g., MS Publisher), presentation makers (e.g., MS PowerPoint), image editors (e.g., MS Paint) and many more. Always choose which you think would be flexible for the needs of your design.

  • If you choose to use a word processor, you can use the images you picked on the gallery of artworks – popularly known as clip arts.
  • If you choose desktop publishing software, you will be able to design and properly lay out the pages, images and texts you are about to design.
  • If you use an image editor, all of the elements of your e-card should be in an image format, meaning, even texts should be inserted as an image

4.    Paste or insert the image/s into your chosen platform. The design, style and layout of your image, backgrounds, watermarks and clip arts are now based solely on your artistic capabilities and taste.

5.    Input your message. Your message can also be inserted in different forms (e.g., text, clip arts, animations, etc.). If it is just a plain simple text format, you can still choose to change the font, font size, font color, alignment, borders and background color.

6.    Save your new personalized e-card. After you have finished styling with images and filling the card with message your e-card is finished. You can now attach the e-card file into your e-mail and send it to a recipient.

There are many other ways on how to make your own e-card. There are even more advanced ways to create a personalized e-card which involves programming, graphic design and other computer skills. But however simple or grandiose your e-card may look like, always remember that it is still the thought that counts. The graphic designs, style, and layout in producing the personalized e-card give one a very satisfactory feeling. The job may be laborious but since it is personalized, it could be as expensive as the commercial ones sold in the market.

Making your own e-card can be both a hobby and a fad. As a hobby, you can make as many cards as you wish during your spare times. As a fad you may have started it and your friends may do the same.


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