How To Make Your Web Page Text Blink Off and On

Making text blink on and off on a web page will call out to the web user and catch his or her attention. You can use this technique to stress a word like “New” or “Now”. Blinking text can create action on your web page and make it look interesting to visitors. You can use a blinking word or a group of words on your web page. You can also place a blinking word before and after a sentence to place more focus on the sentence. For whatever reason you need blinking text on your web page, this can easily be done through an HTML command or tag.

  1. Review your web page. If your web page is already up and running on the internet, go to the page and review the design. You have to determine where the blinking text will go because you’d want to place it in the right place on the page. Make sure it won’t distract the web page visitor from the other content on the page but rather entice him or her to read on and explore more of your content. Once you have determined where you want to place the blinking text, go to your HTML file or source code.
  2. Edit source code. Open your source code in a text editor and go to the specific source code for the web page you are going to edit and locate where you want to place the blinking text. Once you find the exact spot on the web page, type the new word in the source code. You can include tags for the type of font, text color, text size and style.
  3. Place the “blink” tag. To make the text blink on and off you need a special HTML command or tag. The tag will tell the browser how the text will be displayed on the computer screen. HTML tags begin and end with the less than and greater than symbols. In between the symbols is the command to describe how the text will appear. There are beginning and ending tags, these will appear before the text and after the text, but only the ending tag will look different, it will contain the “/” slash symbol before the command inside the symbols. So the blink tag appearing before the command will look like this – “<blink>” and the ending tag that appears after the text will look like this – “</blink>”.

Now that you have placed the blink tags on the text you can now save the edited source code. Preview your work by opening the web page on your browser. Blinking text on your web page can add a little style to your content. It can pull a visitor’s attention towards the content in that specific area on the web page.


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