How To Manage a Family Schedule with Google Calendar

In our busy world, it is hard to keep up with family members’ schedules. Everyone seems to have his own activity. If you are into Google Calendar, you will find that managing it is easy. Just manage it with these tips:

1.    Visit Google Calendar website by opening this link If you do not have an account yet, click the button that says, “Create an account” and proceed inputting your details. Click the next button and follow the instructions until you have successfully created an account.

2.    You will find the “create new calendar” button and click it to create a new calendar. To share this calendar, enter one of your family member’s email address under “share to specific people.” Go to the pull down menu and click on permission settings. Under it click on “make changes and manage sharing” and add a person and click “create calendar” button.

3.    Repeat the steps for all of your family members. Share your calendar using calendar sharing. This allows you to see your family’s schedules easily and in turn, they can see yours. If you need to plan an important family gathering like your brother’s recital or your mom’s birthday party, this is the way to go.

4.    You can access your calendar remotely by setting it up to send alerts or manage your calendar through SMS. Before you can add an event to your calendar, you should register your phone with Google Calendar. Here are the simple steps in registering your phone with it:

  • Log in to your Google Calendar account and click on the “settings” button, which can be found at the topmost right corner of the main window.
  • On the notifications tab, select your phone provider and enter your phone number.
  • Click on the “send verification” button to send verification to your phone.
  • Once you click the send verification button, you will receive an SMS message on your phone.
  • When you receive the notification on your phone, click on finish setup. Now your phone is in-sync with your Google Calendar.

5.    Another way to access your calendar is through instant messaging using Imified. You can go to and register for a free account. Click on “add services” tab and add your Google Calendar. Using Imified is easy. All you have to do is send “M” to IMified using your buddy list. A menu will pop up allowing you to see the changes in your calendar as well as your family members’ calendars.

6.    So your family can enjoy the holidays together, set up your Google Calendar to automatically add local holidays. Just go to “manage calendars” below your list of calendars. You will find the “other calendars” section and click add calendar. You will find the “holiday calendar” button and choose the holidays that you and your family are celebrating.

Linking your Google Calendar with members of your family makes your bond stronger and closer. You can also synchronize your activities and never miss any one of them. Google Calendar is indeed a useful tool when you manage it effectively.


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