How To Manually Clean out the Temp Folder in Windows Vista

The Temp Folder contains temporary files that are created by various programs on your computer. Programs that work with large data and not enough memory can be allocated for its function, temporary files are created. Some programs automatically delete the temporary files they create on shut down but some leave them there for you to clean out. Leaving temporary files in the temp folder can accumulate and take up a lot of space on your hard drive. You might notice your free space shrinking even if you haven’t installed any new programs or saved large amounts of data. The Disk clean up utility on Windows Vista can clear out the temporary files, but sometimes it doesn’t clean it all out, so if left unattended this will accumulate and take up space on your drive. Manually cleaning out the temp folder in Windows Vista will free up space.

1. Click the Start button and enter %temp% in the Search field.

Go to the Start button on your taskbar and click it. On the Search field type the command %temp% then press enter. This command line will display the Temporary Folder that Windows Vista provides for temporary files.

2. Choose files to delete.

You can choose specific files to delete by selecting to highlight the file then Right-Click and choose delete or hit the delete button on your keyboard. If you want to delete several files, hold down the CTRL button while selecting and highlighting the files. When you are done selecting, press the delete key on your keyboard or use the Organize button found on your toolbar at the top of the window, then select the Delete option. Using the Select All the files options may raise an error, because some files may not allow you to delete them. If a temporary file is being used by a running program, it will not allow you to delete the file until the program has stopped its activity.

3. Close all running programs.

Exit and close all the running programs then go back to the temporary folder and see if you will be allowed to delete the remaining undeletable files.

4. Empty your recycle bin.

The deleted files from the Temp Folder go straight into the Recycle Bin and are still taking up space. Empty your recycle bin deleting all the files there permanently.

Check your Temp Folder often to make sure temporary files do not accumulate. If left unchecked they can take up a lot of space on your drive.


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